Once a week on Disegno’s website, in the ‘Stories‘ tab, appears a piece called Design Line: the idea is that it contains about six short, sharp or funny news stories from the past week in design.
The original image tile was basic and functional but lacked depth and ‘spirit‘.
As the Design Line has proven to be quite popular, Oli Stratford (editor-in-chief of Disegno) asked me to create a tile template. Something that could be updated each week and would feel fresher and tie more to the slightly irreverent feel of the feature itself. He wanted the new design to be visually arresting and exciting while reflecting Disegno’s current visual standards and look compelling as a part of a sequence and on its own featured on the main page.
In my creative process, I explored the words "design" and "line" together and on their own. The word 'design' indicates something intentional and human-made, yet the term 'line' is vaguer. It can either mean something straight and calculated or an organic concept of length rather than width. Combining the two words gives a purposeful continuum, a mixture of natural and human creation alike never-ending points that create a line. 
In my final template, I combined simple geometric shapes (as a human character) and a scribbled organic line symbolising nature and a pure form of what we (humans) call a design. Every colour sequence has 4 tiles (as typically there are four weeks in a month) and every next colour sequence connects with the previous one, and so on.

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