Each week, Disegno's website features the "Design Line" section, showcasing
a curated collection of six concise, witty, and enlightening design news stories from the preceding week.
Initially, the image tile for Design Line was functional but lacked the depth and personality befitting its popularity. Recognizing the need for a fresh and vibrant visual identity, Oli Stratford, Disegno's esteemed Editor-in-Chief, entrusted me with the task of crafting a dynamic and engaging tile template. This template would not only harmonize with Disegno's existing visual standards but also inject a sense of irreverence that perfectly mirrors the spirit of the feature
itself. The goal was to create a design that would seize the viewer's attention, both when seen as part of a sequence and when showcased independently
on our main page
To embark on this creative journey, I delved into the connotations of "design" and "line" both in tandem and in isolation. "Design" conveys intentionality and the artistry of human creation, while "line" encompasses a spectrum from the precise and calculated to the organic and naturally occurring. Merging these two words gave birth to a purposeful continuum—a fusion of the human-made and the natural, an unending series of points that form an intricate line.
In the culmination of my creative process, I ingeniously combined simple geometric shapes, symbolizing the essence of human design, with a free-spirited, hand-drawn organic line, representing the purity of nature. Each colour sequence comprises four tiles, aligning with the typical four weeks in a month. Furthermore, each subsequent colour sequence seamlessly connects with the previous one, forming a captivating visual narrative that keeps our readers engaged week after week. This transformative template not only breathes new life into Design Line but also encapsulates the essence of Disegno's commitment to excellence and innovation in design journalism.
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