I come from Warsaw, Poland. After graduating from school, fascinated by the History of Art, I thought I wanted to be an archaeologist. My love for discovering the story of the past evolved into a passion for creating for the future. 
In 2019, I graduated with a BA in Graphic Design from Camberwell College of Arts. 

Now I'm here, and the rest is history still in the making.

My versatile university experience includes: 
a Head of Production for the Mock-Up fashion show (2017), bearing the role of a General Coordinator for the Channel - a 24-hours broadcasting online TV (2018) and working on an AI project Designing a Feminist Alexa run by the Feminist Internet (2019). 

In 2018, with a sculptress, Ewelina Bartkowska,  I co-created Sustainable Anthropocene Cooperative as a space for engaging with local communities, integrating and educating people about environmental issues through workshops, social initiatives and creative content on social media.

Since October 2020, I am involved with The People Speak in East London
as their Visual Design Producer for a variety of creative events.
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