Laura Kaminska, originally from Warsaw (Poland), is a 2019 Camberwell College of Arts graduate from BA Graphic Design. 
As a visual creator, she works with photography, illustration, moving image and design in any shape or form. Laura’s work is a sensual and personal visualisation of the current world’s issues. It aims to invite the receiver for reflection and further self-exploration of the subject.

Her versatile university experience includes: 
working as a Head of Production for the Mock-Up fashion show (2017), bearing the role of a General Coordinator for the Channel - a 24-hours broadcasting online TV (2018) and working on AI project 'Designing a Feminist Alexa' run by the Feminist Internet (2019). 

In 2018, together with Ewelina Bartkowska, Laura co-created Sustainable Anthropocene Cooperative as a space for engaging with local communities, integrate and educate people about environmental issues through workshops, social initiatives and creative content on social media.
Since October 2020, Laura is involved with 'The People Speak' in East London, creating mind-maps and other visualisations for their online events.

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