I choose analogue photography as a way to celebrate the moment in its accidental form that only is revealed once the negative is fully developed. I value how imperfect this form may be due to such factors like light, movement, framing or the chemical process of development. 
In my photography, I mainly draw inspiration from my surroundings in everyday life, and share with the viewer the world through my eyes - a little bit nostalgic but always honest. 
Analogue photography thought me to catch and appreciate the moment as it is and seek the amusement in the simplest things - I use this guideline both in my artwork and in life. 

(For my photographs, I mainly use analogue cameras, either, an old, fully manual, Zenith ET 
or slightly younger, FujiFilm Clear Shot Plus with an automatic flash and focus.)
The gallery below is an example of my analogue photography, separated into three rough categories: 
People, People and Places and Detail.
People and Places

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